Weekly Summary: 9

I was grateful for the relaxed assignment list this week. It helped me really focus in on the content and quality of my assignments. However, I went a little out of order in terms of assignment completion this week. I began the week by choosing which assignments I wanted to revisit and revise. I went… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 9


Pixels Click the Tweet below and read my Daily Create submission for the National Day on Writing to begin the story. Our view of the world should not be limited to what is behind a screen. The patterns of colored squares constantly being shoved in our face blind us from the beauty of life that… Continue reading Connected-Creates

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Here’s a Thought

Peculiar Vantage Points Some of my favorite assignments have been from the visual assignment week involving photography, so naturally, the first idea of an end project that came to mind involved photography. My idea is to create series of images that shows what goes on throughout the day by taking forward-facing photos with your camera… Continue reading Here’s a Thought

Tuning in to ds106

I listened in during Monday night’s broadcast because I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday night. The first show broadcasted was actually my group’s show so it was fun to listen to it put together on the ds106 radio. I loved reading my classmates’ comments on our show. Several people complimented the bumper and commercial… Continue reading Tuning in to ds106

A Little Improvement

For my first assignment revision, I decided to remake my poster advertising our radio show. I had made my first poster before we had decided on the name and the slogan for our show, so I wanted to create an updated version of our poster. I went onto Mark Maker and made a log for… Continue reading A Little Improvement

Weekly Summary: 8

This week was all about making each of our segments and putting on the finalizations of our radio show. On Monday of this week, I recorded my segment of our radio show The Core. My goal for my segment was to be at least four minutes long. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 8

Final Touch Ups

On Monday of this week, I recorded my segment of our radio show The Core. My goal for my segment was to be at least four minutes long. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make my segment long enough, but I actually went over my goal. I thought about writing out my… Continue reading Final Touch Ups

Weekly Summary: 7

Throughout the week, I began working on our radio show midterm assignment. I created a commercial and bumper to include in our radio show using Audacity. This time creating them was a little easier. The audio assignment week allowed me to begin to play with Audacity, so this week came a little easier and I… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 7

Radio in the Works

On Monday, we finalized our group for the radio show. Haylie Stevenson Kylie Jackson Grace Long Macey Lynch Meredith Migliaccio We decided to do a radio show dedicated to giving friendly advice to our fellow freshmen. Letting them know things we wish we would have known as freshmen that would have made our lives much… Continue reading Radio in the Works