Weekly Summary: 1

This marks the end of a very stressful first week of ds106. I came into this course completely blind of what it might entail and what tasks I would have to complete. I have never taken a course like this before, so the unfamiliarity was a little intimidating. I didn’t know what a domain was… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 1

What’s the Point?

Truth be told, I am taking this class to fulfill the Digital Intensive General Education requirement; however, I do believe that valuable skills will be learned from this course. For example, in just the first week, I have already learned how to create a basis of a website, a task I had no clue how… Continue reading What’s the Point?

The Joy of ds106

Bob Ross is a very familiar artist not only because of his beautiful paintings and talent, but also because of his comical, inspirational, and thought-provoking commentary. Here are a few quotes from this video that stuck out to me and why. “Sometimes I feel that’s where I should be is in the old rocking chair…then… Continue reading The Joy of ds106

Intro to ds106

Hello! My name is Kylie Jackson. I am a sophomore at UMW, and I am studying Conservation Biology. Some of my hobbies are photography, hiking, and biking. I also love doing art including painting, drawing, crafting, and macramé. I have never made digital art before, so I am excited to learn how to express myself… Continue reading Intro to ds106

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