Weekly Summary: 2

This week was about getting in the groove. I had the chance to explore the Assignment Bank as well as try out a few Daily Creates. It was also about personalizing my site and getting connected with my peers through commenting on their posts. I was one step ahead in the game when it came… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 2


For my second assignment, I chose to do something in the Design Assignments category. I browsed around and saw “The Vogue Challenge”. I had heard of it before from a couple years ago, or maybe it was last year. I can’t remember. Anyways, I clicked on it to check it out. It seemed simple enough… Continue reading ROGUE VOGUE

Etchin a Sketch

For my first assignment for this week, I began with a Visual Assignment from the Assignment Bank. I love doing photography, so I figured I would start out with something I am comfortable with. As I clicked on the Visual Assignment Bank and explored the options, reading the descriptions and looking at examples, this one… Continue reading Etchin a Sketch