Weekly Summary: 4

I was looking forward to this week. When I saw on the syllabus that we would have a week devoted to Visual Assignments, I was elated to see what tasks I could complete to showcase my photography skills. Really the only platform that I have posted my photography on is Instagram, so I was excited… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 4

What is that?!

Can you guess what this photo is? After you have thought about it, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the answer. I actually took this photo during the same trip to Michigan that I took the picture of the stars. See http://kylie-jax.com/week-4/mi-favorita-foto/ I love taking up close photos that don’t necessarily… Continue reading What is that?!

Photoblitz Bliss

This was a super fun challenge to complete. I had never done a photo challenge before. I was running around outside trying to find things to take pictures of, whilst getting eaten alive by mosquitos. I have like 30 bites on my legs. Here is the code for my list of tasks: <ul id=”thelist”><li>Make an… Continue reading Photoblitz Bliss

A Sneak Peak

Becoming a Better Photographer As I read this article, and a lot of the tips they mentioned I found very familiar. Having done photography for several years, I know these tips pretty well. However, I don’t think I will ever be “pickier” in terms of lessening my number of photographs taken of one subject. The… Continue reading A Sneak Peak