Weekly Summary: 6

This week was focused on design. I have taken several art classes in the past where we talk about different design principles, so this topic was relatively familiar to me. Overall, this week wasn’t too challenging, nothing compared to last week. The week started off by reviewing some resources about design and writing a reflection.… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 6


Minimalism This an advertisement for an event called Renew Gathering over fall break. I thought this was a good example of minimalism because it is simple black text on white paper. It outlines some basic information about the event. In addition, it has a simple outlined drawing at the top to give it some character… Continue reading DesignBlitz

Happy Lil Tree

This assignment was super fun and unique. The task was to only use the letters of a word to create an image that depicted the word. I chose the word “happy” and made it into a tree, or at least attempted to. I chose this combination as inspiration from Bob Ross, “let’s build some happy… Continue reading Happy Lil Tree


For this assignment, I was supposed to make an event poster. With Oktoberfest coming up, I thought it was only appropriate to advertise just that. Oktoberfest is a celebration of German culture on the first of October. It is a festival filled with German related cultural activities and food. I created a poster using Instagram… Continue reading Oktoberfest!

Define Design

Everything is design. From the poster you walk passed in the hallway to the back of cereal box in your pantry, everything around us that tells some sort of information is carefully and precisely designed to portray a specific message in a very specific way. Design can be simple or complex, symmetrical or asymmetrical, colored… Continue reading Define Design