Weekly Summary: 7

Throughout the week, I began working on our radio show midterm assignment. I created a commercial and bumper to include in our radio show using Audacity. This time creating them was a little easier. The audio assignment week allowed me to begin to play with Audacity, so this week came a little easier and I… Continue reading Weekly Summary: 7

Radio in the Works

On Monday, we finalized our group for the radio show. Haylie Stevenson Kylie Jackson Grace Long Macey Lynch Meredith Migliaccio We decided to do a radio show dedicated to giving friendly advice to our fellow freshmen. Letting them know things we wish we would have known as freshmen that would have made our lives much… Continue reading Radio in the Works

Coming Soon!

I made a poster to advertise our radio show! It is light and simple and gets my point across without being overly crowded or busy. First, I went onto Mark Maker which is a logo generating site that I used to make my website logo for a Daily Create back in August and made a… Continue reading Coming Soon!