Radio in the Works

On Monday, we finalized our group for the radio show.

  • Haylie Stevenson
  • Kylie Jackson
  • Grace Long
  • Macey Lynch
  • Meredith Migliaccio

We decided to do a radio show dedicated to giving friendly advice to our fellow freshmen. Letting them know things we wish we would have known as freshmen that would have made our lives much simpler or things that would have saved us from a lot of headache. We want to shed some light on a few tips and tricks and dos and don’ts for freshmen at Mary Washington.

On Monday, I created a google doc where we could share ideas and formulate an outline of our radio show.

On Monday, I also created a commercial to include in our show.

On Tuesday, I created a radio bumper to include in our show.

On Wednesday, our group met in the HCC and we decided who was going to talk about different advice tips. Haylie suggested the title be “The Core” and I suggested the slogan to be “How to survive: advice from the five.” We also decided on an outline for the radio show and recorded the intro of our video.

So yeah, that’s what we’ve got so far!


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