Weekly Summary: 7

Throughout the week, I began working on our radio show midterm assignment. I created a commercial and bumper to include in our radio show using Audacity. This time creating them was a little easier. The audio assignment week allowed me to begin to play with Audacity, so this week came a little easier and I was able to play around with the Audacity functions a little more.

Here is the link to the google doc we created to put down all of our ideas.

For the radio commercial, I advertised a booklet of all the tips and tricks we will present in the radio show that can be bought in the bookstore, hypothetically of course. It was fun to make and I enjoyed writing the script in a sort of sassy tone to make it more interesting.

At this point, we had not decided on a name for our radio show, so I just made a generalized radio bumper for the ds106 radio station. However, I wanted to make it interesting, so I gave it a calming, country-like spin to it.

I also created a poster advertising our show earlier on in the week. I didn’t yet know what the name of our show was, so I had made a more generalized poster using a photo editing app on my phone called Pic Collage.

On Wednesday, my group met in person and got a lot accomplished in just under an hour. We decided what we were each going to talk about and how the show would be structured. We also recorded the introduction to the show.

Overall it was a pretty productive week. I just have to write out my script for my segment of the show and then record it over fall break sometime. Our group plans to meet again next Wednesday to put everything together.

Here were my Daily Creates for the week.

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