A Piece of Me

For this visual assignment, I was tasked to create a collage of things that describe me. I read this post and thought it would be cool to do, but then I remembered that I had already done it! During winter break last year, I went on a Red Bubble splurge and bought a bunch of stickers to put on my computer. I spent hours filtering through stickers and then once I got my list down to a reasonable amount, then I had to figure out how to arrange them on my computer which took an additional few hours. Below I will describe the meaning of each sticker.

UMW biology: I am a Conservation Biology major at the University of Mary Washington.

White Mandala: Mandalas are like my signature drawing. I draw them all the time and everywhere.

Start Dreaming Again: That is the slogan of the Christian community I am involved in on campus called The Center for Faith and Leadership.

It’s All Good: I catch myself saying this phrase quite often. I am also a very forgiving person. I don’t hold grudges.

Ohana: “Ohana means family and family mean no onw gets left behind or forgotten.” : a quote from one of my favorite movies, Lilo and Stitch. Not only does it show that I love Disney movies but also that I value family and inclusion of others.

Avengers Symbol: This one is simple, I love Marvel!

Hakuna Matata: Again, I love Disney and The Lion King is one of my favorite movies. I also love the meaning of the phrase. It is about not worrying about minute things and enjoy life.

There’s no planet B: I am an advocate for the environment, and I care a lot about taking care of the planet and keeping it clean. This sticker reminds me that our actions have impact on the environment and we need to be mindful that what we have is what we got. There is not back up planet.

Pangolin: Pangolins are one of my favorite animals. They are very unique and aren’t very well known. Think of a mix between an ant eater and an armadillo.

Y’all Need Jesus & Cross: I am passionate about my faith and I am not afraid to proclaim it.

Hang on let me overthink this: I overthink literally everything, so this sticker describes my constant mentality.

Bee Kind: I love this saying and I also love bees.

stay weird.: I like to be different and unique. People may think I am weird, but that’s okay. I like being me and I encourage people to be who they are despite what others think.

Bike: I love biking.

Various plant stickers: I love plants.

Fibonacci sequence: I love how the Fibonacci sequence fits so many things in nature and I love how everything fits together.

Goat: I am a goat at UMW.

Turtle: My favorite animal is a turtle.

Camera: I love photography.

Virginia and mountains: It shows my home.

Moons: I love photographing the moon and I am always mesmerized by it.


  1. I used to decorate my old laptop with stickers in a similar way to this. It was much messier than yours and more of a gradual collection of stickers I obtained. But the idea to layout it all out with purpose as an outward representation of your personality is very cool!

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