Lyrical Likeness

You Put the Light in Me by Brandon Heath

The goal of this assignment was to pick some favorite song lyrics and turn it into a visual. I have a LOT of favorite song lyrics but for some reason, this was the first one that came to mind. This song by Brandon Heath used to be one of my favorite songs as a kid. It would play on the radio and I would just jam out. The song is about how God is the source of light, the source of hope, the source of joy. Without God, I wouldn’t have these things. It is God and only God who puts light, hope, joy, and so much more in my life.

I took this photo one morning after a heavy dew fall, so there were water droplets all over the leaves. This one caught my attention as the sunlight glistened through it. I chose this photo to go with the song lyrics because the water itself does not produce the light, it is the sun’s rays that shine on it and make it magnificent. Like a water droplet, I reflect God’s love and light. It doesn’t come from me, it comes from God, the source of light, the sun.

I have found that after doing all of these assignments throughout the first few weeks of the semester that I love being poetic and symbolic, which I never thought I was but hey I guess we are always learning new things about ourselves.

Similar to the Poetry Poster assignment, I used Instagram to add text to the image.


  1. This is a great photo. And I agree it goes perfect with the lyric. I think it is really cool how you connected the water droplet to God washing over you and being your light.

  2. It’s interesting because I really wanted to do this assignment but couldn’t find a lyric that I wanted to focus on. I know too many songs! I do like your image and lyric choice though! It fits really well!

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