Poetry Poster

The task of this assignment was to turn a poem into art. I wanted to create a poem poster with an inspirational quote and a beautiful photo to represent the poem as the background. The first step was to select a poem. I found a poem I liked by searching for poems about nature on poemhunter.com (see link below). Then I had to decide on a photo to make the background for the post. I selected this photo of a creek in a fall setting. I took this photo several years ago while hiking with my dad. It was the background screen on my phone for a while and I always loved the warm fall colors and the peacefulness of the photo. I thought it fit well with the poem, as being in nature always gives me a feeling of calmness and peace. Then to create the poster, I used Instagram to create a story post and then add text. I played with colored text and different fonts until I found something I liked. I saved the image and then uploaded it here.

I feel like this has the Bob Ross theme written all over it. Bob is always personifying nature in his paintings and this poem does exactly that. It states that all nature has emotion and feeling and that feeling can be experienced if you are willing to go outside and maybe get a little dirty.

Poem sources: https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/all-nature-has-a-feeling/


  1. I think you did an excellent job with this poster. The photo you selected as the background is perfect and I really appreciate that you placed the text so that it was still a primary focus of the poster without distracting from the photo.

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