Weekly Summary: 4

I was looking forward to this week. When I saw on the syllabus that we would have a week devoted to Visual Assignments, I was elated to see what tasks I could complete to showcase my photography skills. Really the only platform that I have posted my photography on is Instagram, so I was excited to show others, strangers, and fellow UMW students some of my portfolio.

I began the week by evaluating how I view photography and how it relates to story telling. I watched the video How Photography Connects us by David Griffin and it revealed some insight on how the value of a photograph is determined by the story behind it. I couldn’t agree more. Even if a photo isn’t the best quality, its worth is defined by the memories it holds and the stories it tells.

Next, I read an article giving tips for photography. Since I have done photography for a while, I knew most of these tips. I then presented a few of my photographs and explained how they meet different photography objectives.

Also, here is a link to the Google Doc about How We are Becoming Better Photographers. I included an entry near the bottom of the document.


Then came the Photoblitz. When I first read the instructions, I was a little confused, but I soon figured it out. It was super fun. I was at the place where my church gathers, in a renovated home, that is now called The Center. I was running around outside and inside looking for things to take pictures of. My friends were kind enough to let me take their picture for the task that required a representation of “connection”. It went pretty smoothly except I forgot to take a picture of the time screen when the 20 minutes were up so I had to improvise, but it all worked out.

Then I started working on my visual assignments for the week. We had to complete 14 stars worth of assignments. I started off with presenting my favorite photo and telling the story behind it.

My second visual assignment was to post an up close photo and let others guess what it is. I absolutely love doing this. It is like a game/puzzle to figure out what exactly you are looking at. I saw that a few other classmates also completed this assignment. I think it is cool to see what other close-up shots people came up with to provide new perspectives on seemingly ordinary objects.

The third visual assignment was to create a collage describing yourself. I figured I had already done so on my computer, so I took a photo of the front of my computer and explained the meaning behind each sticker and why I have them on my computer.

For the fourth visual assignment, I posted a photo of a couple and the story behind it. The story is explained below, but I just wanted to note that my friend was extremely happy with the post. I asked her permission to use her photograph and she generously let me post it.

My fifth task was to take a poem and add it to a photograph I took to make a poetry poster. You know those boxes of posters with inspirational quotes set on a beautiful landscapes, or colorful skies, or cuddly creatures? That was the goal here.

For my final visual assignment task, I did something similar to the previous one in which I created a cover for a favorite song lyric. I actually have a book of favorite song lyrics I made a few years ago, so finding a favorite lyric wasn’t hard. However, then I had to find a picture to go along with it which took me a while, but soon enough, I found the perfect photo.

Here are my Daily Creates for the week. They were pretty simple and easy to understand, but the one for September 13 threw me off a little bit. I am not sure if my tweet accurately reflects what they wanted but hey, at least I got a good pic of my plant Eleanor.

I ended the week by going through all of my classmates posts, reading, commenting, and acquiring inspiration. I commented on several posts from various people like I have for the past few weeks. This week, however, we had to pick some of our favorite ones. Here are mine:

I love looking at other’s art and ideas. I really feel like half of the learning in art is through viewing and analyzing other’s creations. I love going to galleries and venues that showcase art. It gives me inspiration to try new forms of art or even ideas on how to combine different types of art into one to create something new.

Overall, this was a pretty good week. It was a little work-load heavy, but that is expected. We will see how next week goes. Bye for now!

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