ds106 Radio Bumper

For this assignment, I had to create a radio bumper. When I read this on the assignment sheet for the week, I honestly had no idea what it meant. Then I realized it’s like the little 20 second intermissions between songs that remind you what station you’re listening to. I had no idea where to even start with this assignment. I downloaded Audacity, but I didn’t know how to work it or what to do with it. A friend of mine had visited the digital knowledge center earlier today and she kindly showed me a few basics to get me started. I started out looking for background music and I found some upbeat, happy background music on YouTube (see link below). I downloaded it to my computer, but when I tried to upload it to Audacity, it said it couldn’t do it for some reason. Therefore, I just found the same video on YouTube on my phone and played it on my phone while I recorded it on my computer. Then, I added a second track. I wrote out what I wanted to say, and after a few trials and recordings, I finally got something decent. I lowered the volume of the background music, so my voice could be clearly heard. Then I downloaded it onto my computer and then uploaded it to Sound Cloud. There you have it! My very own ds106 bumper!

Here is the source of my background music.


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