Get ur Polaroid!

For this assignment, I was tasked to create a 80s radio commercial. It seemed like a fun project, but it soon took a lot longer than I had anticipated. I was thinking of 80s products that I could advertise and I thought, why not a polaroid camera. First, I found some 80s sounding background music (link below) and played it on my phone while recording through Audacity. Then, I wrote out what I wanted to say on a sticky note. At this point it started raining and I didn’t want it to be in the background of my recording so I recorded in the bathroom where you couldn’t hear the rain haha. After recording my message, I thought it would be cool to add some camera sounds. I went on YouTube once more and found some polaroid sounds (see link below) and included it as a third track. I wanted to make my voice sound old timey but I wasn’t sure how to do that, but overall I am happy with what I made.

I chose to do a polaroid commercial because one, I love photography and two, I think they are so cool. I wish they still had the old fashion ones around. In my opinion, they are way better than the Fuji Film instant print cameras. We need to bring the originals back! Three, polaroids make you take your time and think about what you want to photograph. Film is expensive and shouldn’t be wasted. I relate this to Bob Ross because he is always saying to take your time and cherish every moment, and the act of photographing with polaroids embodies that philosophy.

This assignment was a little stressful since I don’t know how to use Audacity all that well and it hasn’t been letting me download music to upload within the program. I have just been playing music and sounds on my phone while recording on my computer. It is difficult to time correctly between playing and pausing on both my phone and my computer simultaneously. It was time consuming, but in the end, it all worked out I think.

Above is the link for the cover photo of a polaroid for my track on Sound Cloud.


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