For this assignment, I was supposed to make an event poster. With Oktoberfest coming up, I thought it was only appropriate to advertise just that. Oktoberfest is a celebration of German culture on the first of October. It is a festival filled with German related cultural activities and food. I created a poster using Instagram by uploading a diagram of Oktoberfest and then using the colors within the image to create text and also to add some drawn in lines. The lines help move the eye around the poster as well as compliment the color scheme which are fall-type colors with warm oranges, yellows, browns, and greens. The lines also signify the craziness of Oktoberfest. These events usually involve drinking of German beer, so they can get a little interesting to say the least. On a lighter note, the colorful lines also signify the energy and fun that Oktoberfest brings. They are light-hearted and fun-filled, often signifying the kick off of the fall season.


  1. I really liked this poster, especially because it is now fall. I liked the detail that you put into the word “Oktoberfest”, and the simplicity that you put into the design of the other words.

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